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From "Nicolas Lehuen" <nico...@lehuen.com>
Subject Re: 3.2.9-rc2 FieldStorage Problems (was Re: mod_python 3.2.9-rc2 available for testing)
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 21:23:03 GMT
> >> * How are applications supposed to perform write operations on a
> >> FieldStorage, in 3.3 and the future?
> >
> > Personally I never considered writing to FieldStorage. I always thought
> > of it as a read-only representation of a submitted form, but then that's
> > just my mental map.
> It's a pretty uncommon usage - it surprised me when I saw it in Trac.
> Trac is using it to bundle additional request information gathered from
> sources other than the form itself - it makes me suspect that someone in
> the past thought "hey, we have this dictionary-like thing we are passing
> around already - wouldn't it be nice if we could shove extra things in
> it, rather than passing around another object too?", and then proceeded
> to hack things so it was possible.

What I don't understand is why they don't put extra attributes in the
request object itself, since it supports that. This is done everywhere
in the publisher and the PSP handler. Fiddling with the FieldStorage
looks messy to me too - then again, if we promise a dict-like
interface we should make sure it is supported.


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