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From "Graham Dumpleton" <grah...@dscpl.com.au>
Subject release 3.2.10?
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 22:03:12 GMT
Jim Gallacher wrote ..
> Shall we proceed with a 3.2.10 release with the current memory leak
> fixes, or keep digging for more leaks?
> Seeing as it's summer for most of us (except for Graham), I get the
> feeling people don't have a lot of free time to spend on mod_python
> right now.

Just because it is winter down here and I'm freezing my butt off doesn't
mean I am any less busy. :-(

> Personally I think we should release 3.2.10 now and make a
> concerted effort to do a code review before a 3.3 release in October /
> November.

I agree we should just get the 3.2.10 release out. We are still going
to have to do the review for 3.3 anyway because some of the internal
structural changes I had to make in some areas to address some
issues have been significant.


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