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From S├ębastien Arnaud <arnau...@emedialibrary.org>
Subject Re: Regex based publisher proposal
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 02:28:12 GMT
Hi Graham,

Thank you for all the detailed info! Hope you are feeling better. I  
did not mean to get you all worked up with a foggy brain ;)

I love the wiki you put together, lots of great stuff in there! I am  
going to go back to the drawing board here due to all the new things  
you presented available in mod_python 3.3 which I did not know about.  
It looks like a fixuphandler would fit the bill for what I am  
attempting to do. Once I get something working, I will make sure to  
give more detailed info and a clear example of how the framework/url  
matching works so that you can better advise on which mod_python 3.3  
features can be better taken advantage of.

In regards to mod_python.publisher, it looks like indeed it is better  
to divorce myself from it after the points you brought up. On that  
topic though, should I reuse at all the ModuleCache object to load &  
cache modules? Or is there something more efficient/better in  
mod_python 3.3?

Finally, in relation with the PythonAddHandler within a Location  
directive, actually I did not have it working as is - I was just  
trying to cover all bases on how to determine best the virtual path  
root. Thanks for digging this throughly. Let me try to digest all the  
info you gave me and infuse it back into my code. I'll post back on  
the list when I have something else worthy to look at.


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