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From David Beal <da...@neuraliq.com>
Subject Re: OT: Breaking into the US job market?
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 17:00:24 GMT

My last two employers, both new companies, embrace open-source solutions
(but themselves produce proprietary solutions).  Doing web programming,
I was fortunate enough not to have to touch a Windows machine to do any
coding, although good Windows programmers don't have trouble finding
work out here (I live in California).  I think increasingly, that
open-source is being looked at as a viable or preferred development
solution, and certainly the comprehensive power of Unix and Linux is
compelling for many developers that may be involved in decision
processes at companies.  My current company prefers open-source
developers, but that may be more of a preference, and one of the
luxuries of being a small company.  Open-source-preferring companies are
rare, but then so are open-source developers (or so I feel).

The rest of what I have to say about your question is mostly
conversational, but I'd have to say that the situation out here is not
as bad as you might think.  If the company is good, and you're a good
fit, they wouldn't think twice about sponsoring you.

I think losangeles.craigslist.org is a good place to browse for jobs.

Best Regards,
David Beal

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