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From S├ębastien Arnaud <arnau...@emedialibrary.org>
Subject Re: Regex based publisher proposal
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 02:52:16 GMT
Hi Dan,

I use the Queue class to perform DB pooling, and use 3 different  
types of templating system in various mod_python applications. So  
yes, mod_python makes all those customization very easy and it is why  
I love it as well. The only downside I have found is that after  
developing several applications, maintaining all those custom  
handlers can be daunting, and I just wished that some of this basic  
additional "plumbing" was avail to some extent in mod_python.

There are also some clear disadvantages of having all mod_python user  
to write their "own" handler, it is not always that trivial to write  
a robust basic framework that is secure, and thread safe. It also  
seems like an awful waste of time and duplication of efforts, even if  
the learning experience opportunity is great.

Finally, in my current work environment where I advocated the use of  
mod_python, I have found myself in a position where bringing in new  
fresh developers can be a little bit painful, when you have to  
basically start supporting your own custom framework, write  
documentation on its behavior, etc... Anyway, that's partly where my  
motivation came from and hope that others will support the idea.



P.S. I will try WingIDE, I believe I tried it out a while back, but  
under OS X the interface via X11 did not feel quite right and was  
pretty slow if I remember correctly. I'll give it another chance  
though ;)

On Sep 8, 2006, at 9:38 AM, Dan Eloff wrote:

>> * DB connection pooling
> Got that. It's actually very simple. Just derive from the Queue class,
> it's already synchronized. Override pop with the logic for handing out
> connections. Simply use put to return it when you're done. I recommend
> putting the db information in a config file like rails does, nobody
> wants to have to put that all over the place.
>> * Generic rendering template system (empowering the developer to use
>> virtually ANY templating system avail in python)
> That's the way mod_python is as far as I know, it pretty much lets you
> do your own thing for templates. Since everyone seems to have
> different ideas about what templates they like, I think that's great.
>> * Remote DB Sessions (for scalability)
> Got that for mysql, but is based on a different session model than
> mod_python uses. Someone else posted a mysql session here recently, I
> do not know what became of it, I would recommend you follow up before
> it goes cold.
>> * Advanced Debugging
> Get wingide, I've never seen a better debugger for python. It handles
> remote debugging on mod_python flawlessly. When PythonDebug is on, I
> automaticaly connect to the debugger from python. I tried Komodo first
> for the same, but it is worse than useless. If you want help getting
> that working let me know.
> -Dan

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