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From Jim Gallacher <...@jgassociates.ca>
Subject Re: Status of mod_python 3.3.
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 14:56:29 GMT
Jim Gallacher wrote:
> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>> Jim Gallacher wrote ..
>>> Although there is no JIRA issue for it, I'd like to see us do a quick 
>>> code cleanup. I see lots of complier warnings about unused variables and
>>> it would be nice to excise the offending bits of code. I figure we are
>>> more likely to spot real problems if the compiler is spewing less noise.
>>> If there are no objections I'll do this over the weekend.
>> Hmmm, I thought I had gone through and got rid of just about all of them.
>> The only ones which I didn't fix up were some of the magic Python 
>> callbacks
>> for deleting objects or something.  I couldn't change these as I don't 
>> think
>> some appropriate typedef or something existed in older versions of Python
>> we still support.
> You may well be correct. It's been a while since I sat and watched the
> compiler output and that may have been when I was doing some leak
> testing on 3.2.10.

I did a quick check on r466129 and it looks pretty good. There are still 
a couple outstanding instances however. It looks like they are in code 
that you worked on, Graham. (Not really a surprise, since you've worked 
on almost all of the code. ;) ) I can't see any harm in deleting the 
offending bits, but perhaps you could review just to make sure lines are 
in fact superfluous, as opposed to a lurking bug.

mod_python.c:2437: warning: unused variable 'srv_conf'
mod_python.c:2677: warning: unused variable 'ppath'
requestobject.c:535: warning: unused variable 'result'
requestobject.c:554: warning: unused variable 'result'
requestobject.c:658: warning: unused variable 'result'


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