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From "Jeffrey Robbins" <je...@livedata.com>
Subject Re: mod_python 3.3.0-dev-20061109 tests on Win32
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 12:17:00 GMT
I had to change 'libapr-1.dll' to 'libapr-1.lib' to get the script to work.   (the .dll files
are in the bin directory on win32)
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From: "Graham Dumpleton" <grahamd@dscpl.com.au>
Date: Tuesday, Nov 14, 2006 6:03 pm
Subject: Re: mod_python 3.3.0-dev-20061109 tests on Win32

Jeff, can you download:


and use it in place of dist/setup.py.in and use build_installer.bat to confirm that it autodetects
the APR lib versions okay.

Also, can you send us the mod_python.vcproj file you modified to add finfoobject.c so we can
include it back in mod_python source code.



Jeff Robbins wrote ..
 I downloaded the stock 2.2.3 binary build.  To get setup.py to link, I
 had to edit this:
         if winbuild:
             libraries = ['libhttpd', 'libapr-1', 'libaprutil-1', 'ws2_32']
 (added the -1 to libapr and libaprutil)
 The resultant build produced _psp.pyd and also a mod_python_so.pyd which
 I renamed mod_python.so and it ran.
 Does this sound right?
 - Jeff
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   From: Nicolas Lehuen 
   To: Graham Dumpleton 
   Cc: python-dev@httpd.apache.org 
   Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 21:04
   Subject: Re: mod_python 3.3.0-dev-20061109 tests on Win32
   Indeed, the APACHESRC variable has a slightly misleading name, since
 it doesn't need the full blown source installation. When building mod_python
 I'm using a stock Win32 Apache 2.0 or 2.2 binary build downloaded from
 http://httpd.apache.org/, not a source distribution. It may or may not
 work with a source distribution, but I'm positive it does with a binary
 one, so Jeff, you should definitely try it this way.
   2006/11/13, Graham Dumpleton <grahamd@dscpl.com.au>:
     Jeff Robbins wrote ..
     > Graham,
     > These instructions are not sufficient.  The apache environment I
 have on
     > windows has include files in <apachesr>/include but also in
     > <apachesrc>/srclib/apr/include, <apachesrc>/srclib/apr-iconv/include,
     > <apachesrc>/srclib/apr-util/include
     > Setting the APACHESRC environmental per the instructions only finds
     > includes in $APACHESRC/include but not the apr files like apr.h in
     > error
     > I posted.  In the vcproj file, I had to tell the IDE in some dialog
     > to
     > find these include files.  Is there some other environmental or is
     > some copy phase in the build on Linux that gets all the include files
     > $APACHESRC/include?
     All this suggests you are se

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