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From David Fraser <dav...@sjsoft.com>
Subject Re: Proposal for new handler to be added to mod_python 3.3.
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 14:05:48 GMT
Jim Gallacher wrote:
> -1 (On including in 3.3)
> We need to have some release discipline. The beta cycle for 3.2 was 
> something like 8 months long and I don't want to see that happen 
> again. One of the reasons for that long cycle was the feeling that "it 
> might be a long time before we do another release, so let's make this 
> change now", which ultimately *caused* the delay.
> There are a lot of really great things in 3.3 (new importer) and I 
> think we should get it out as soon as possible. I'd also like to see a 
> 3.4 release fairly soon (4-6 months?) after a though audit for python 
> 2.5 64-bit support. If the new handler is accepted it may not have to 
> wait too long. Also, if it's pure python it would be pretty painless 
> for people to backport it if they want to use it in the mean time.
> Maybe we should adopt some sort of calendar release policy. If we aim 
> for a minor point release every 6 months then people will always know 
> that they won't have to wait too long for the latest and greatest 
> features to appear. This would alleviate the urge to stuff too much 
> into any one release. I'm not suggesting that we be a slave to the 
> calendar - just use it as a guideline.
> Jim
I agree with the need for release discipline, however I think we need to 
have a compromise where either
- the optimal minor point release cycle for mod_python is more frequent 
than 6-monthly (6 months is a fairly large delay for a simple feature 
like this), or
- there is a mechanism to allow certain kinds of new features more 
frequently than a minor point release.
In some ways it may make sense to have different rules for base code and 
handlers that function on top of it.
I've always felt that the publisher handler in mod_python is problematic 
- it causes lots of queries and isn't really the best way to do a lot of 
things, but because it is included in the base distro most people seem 
to try it out first.
 This dispatcher seems like a better fit to mod_python. But perhaps both 
of them should be broken out into a separate package - it could be 
called modpython-utils or something like that.
That way that package could have a faster release cycle, could require 
pure python code for ease of debugging etc, and there would be more 
clarity about the different layers


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