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From Jorey Bump <l...@joreybump.com>
Subject Re: [Mod_python Wiki] Update of "MostMinimalRequestHandler" by JoreyBump
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2006 18:45:08 GMT
Hi, Jim:

Jim Gallacher wrote:
>> The following page has been changed by JoreyBump:
>> http://wiki.apache.org/mod_python/MostMinimalRequestHandler
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
>>     Let's begin at the beginning. Here is the most minimal request 
>> handler possible:
>>   + {{{
>>     def handler(req):
>>         return 0
>> + }}}

This is my first use of moinmoin, so I saved more frequently than 
necessary. I've already improved the page and discovered the preview 
button. :)

> FYI, you can get python syntax highlighting by starting your code block 
> with {{{#!python

Thanks for the tip.

> Also I would avoid using "return 0". I know you want it to be the most 
> minimal handler possible, but I think it's better to encourage good 
> coding habits by using "return apache.OK". It will then be more logical 
> when users move on to more sophisticated handlers, perhaps in other 
> phases, where the handler may be returning something other than 0.

I've explained this in the final draft, and moved on to using apache.OK 
in the next example. This handler is obviously meant to do nothing, but 
to the uninitiated, the mod_python voodoo is quite thick. We take it for 
granted, but I think a novice will appreciate that the return code 
should be an integer (after all, that's what the debugger complains 
about if there's a related error).

One of the things we're up against is that I suspect a good chunk of our 
audience has no Python experience whatsoever, and they come to 
mod_python investigating alternatives to other web application 
development languages, like PHP. We can't assume they'll have many 
Python (or Apache) skills at all, so we should take the opportunity to 
ease them into basic concepts upfront (without dumbing it down, of course).

You could argue that it would be silly for a novice to start out by 
writing a custom handler, but the mailing list indicates that it happens 
all of the time.

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