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From Jorey Bump <l...@joreybump.com>
Subject Re: Issues with "Session use with classes" wiki example.
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 14:30:25 GMT
Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> BTW, in respect of what version of mod_python we write examples for, my
> preference would be that we target mod_python 3.3 and then as followup by way
> of embedded notes, footnotes or subpages, indicate how it may have to be
> changed to work with older versions or whether it will even work with older
> versions. By targeting 3.3, I see it as subtle encouragement for people to
> upgrade by making it obvious that if they are using a quite old version, that
> they aren't going to be getting too much support going forward as they have
> been passed by.

I agree, and would modify the preference to be that wiki contributions 
target the current stable version (soon to be 3.3, in this case), with 
an eye towards compatibility. As functionality changes with new 
releases, the wiki should stay current. It's always frustrating to use 
the latest release of a project only to find obsolete info on a wiki.

If we get to the point where the wiki becomes an important source for 
bundled documentation, we can simply add a disclaimer such as:

"This wiki targets the current stable release of mod_python (currently 
X.x). If you are using an older version, be sure to refer to the 
documentation bundled with your release."

Unfortunately, this will continue to plague mod_python until the code 
base stabilizes a bit, but the improvements have been worth it. The main 
problem is that package based distributions may fall behind quickly, 
even though they started with a recent version. Many users cannot 
upgrade mod_python on their systems, for a variety of reasons. 
Hopefully, when the dust settles, our documentation will be consistent 
for most of the versions in the wild.

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