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From Martin Stoufer <MCStou...@lbl.gov>
Subject Re: Was [Issues with "Session use with classes" wiki example.]
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 00:42:43 GMT
There needs to be some formal vetting process where proposed pages are 
critically reviewed by the people in the know. So far I see this being 
Graham and Jim G**. This requires that some separation of the Wiki 
occurs soon. In one area, the qualified, valid, correct pages are stored 
allowing only 'sticky-note' updates and additive comments. The other is 
our sandbox where pages are thrashed on and discussed before they are 
stamped 'official'. I am in favor of discussing pages via the list. Too 
many unanswered comments on a page and you loose sight of the content 
flow and meaning.

As an option:
Leave it as a personal decision of the main developers to possibly copy 
those gold-quality pages onto the static documentation site.

** If there are other lurkers on the list who know mod_python 
inside&out, my apologies for not acknowledging you.

Jorey Bump wrote:
> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>> Anyone got any ideas about how we can run a semi informal review process
>> on any major new additions. When a page has been up for a while just 
>> going
>> in and making them change is reasonable, but if the person is in the 
>> process
>> of still putting it together what is the best way of providing 
>> feedback. Is it
>> just a matter of ensuring that a page isn't linked to in the wiki 
>> until people
>> have had a chance to look over it and comment? Do we discuss it on the
>> mailing list when there are issues, or put comments direct into pages?
> I think we'll experience growing pains while the wiki is in its 
> infancy. Rather than implement a moderation process, we should 
> probably let people add content until we get an idea of how it should 
> best be organized. The new posts are generating a number of 
> discussions that are actually helpful to the community at large, and 
> imposing a review process may discourage contributions. I think all 
> wikis eventually reach a point where access controls are tightened, 
> and eventually we're going to be spammed, anyway. In the meantime, 
> even correcting erroneous posts provides a foundation for adding new 
> content.
> Having said that, do we have any resident experts on MoinMoin access 
> controls?

* Martin C. Stoufer              *
* DST/DIDC/ITG                   *
* Lawrence Berkeley National Lab *
* MS 50B-2239 510-486-8662       *

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