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From Jim Gallacher <...@jgassociates.ca>
Subject Re: Apache log messages
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2006 18:52:11 GMT
Jorey Bump wrote:
> I hate it when a module source distribution presumes that it can edit 
> httpd.conf or insert itself in the loading process automatically. I 
> understand the desire to be helpful, but I like to control this myself. 
> PHP does this, so I must backup httpd.conf and restore it afterwards.
> AFAIK, mod_python doesn't do this, but I only use it on Linux. Does the 
> install procedure insert the module for other platforms? We should avoid 
> this.

For the stock source distribution "make install" doesn't touch the 
Apache configuration files. Instead it just outputs the message
	"Now don't forget to edit your main config and add"
	"LoadModule python_module $(LIBEXECDIR)/mod_python.so"
	"and if your configuration uses ClearModuleList, then also"
	"AddModule mod_python.c"

I don't know if Nicolas has some other magic in his Windows binary 
installers however.


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