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From "Martijn Moeling" <mart...@xs4us.nu>
Subject RE: Core vote [Re: mod_python 3.3.0 beta available for testing]
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 20:00:33 GMT
I will test on my fedora core 4 system, but I'll have to dig into the
changes made in the importer, I already know I am going to need the new
importer but I'm not sure what is going to happen.

I assemble python modules from database records which are to be newly
imported when changed, 3.3.0 will be better.

I use apache 2.0.54 (recently updated) and the latest fedora python rpm
which is 2.4.x, I will see if I can go to 2.4

One of our new production servers is ready to be configured with
mod_python and will go in production in January, it uses centos, I will
test 3.3.0 on that too.

I don't use PSP functionality and I have to dig into changes of session
management module too for my MySQLSession (which is still embedded into
the Session.py since I had no time to put it somewhere else)

Remember that some people are willing to beta test, but it takes time to
find the time to do it.

My project is to develop a webbased windowed backoffice environment,
which is programmed in the same backoffice. I hope to release it in the
GPL someday...


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Graham Dumpleton [mailto:grahamd@dscpl.com.au] 
Verzonden: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 11:20
Aan: python-dev list
Onderwerp: Re: Core vote [Re: mod_python 3.3.0 beta available for

On 13/12/2006, at 9:25 AM, Jim Gallacher wrote:
>>> I'm +1 either way. As I recall we didn't get much additional  
>>> testing as
>>> a result of uploading the betas to the apache mirrors in the  
>>> past. The
>>> people most likely to chip in with testing are already here on  
>>> python-dev.
>> I would have liked to get around to doing test on OpenVPS setup, but
>> have not had the time. I also never like that we never see anyone  
>> test
>> on Solaris. :-(

+1 Linux Fedora Core 2 (OpenVPS) i386, Apache 2.0.51 (mpm-prefork),  
Python 2.3.3

Previously only had results going back to Apache 2.0.54. This takes that
back to 2.0.51 now. I have it running on my main site now so will see  
that goes. My personal mod_python stuff uses Vampire though, so not
exercising the new module importer as it has its own still. Also running
MoinMoin though, which is a reasonable test.

> Maybe mod_python just isn't all that popular on Solaris?

I have to use Solaris at work. But because mod_python is by default  
to run tests on installed version, can't check it out as we have a  
elaborate packaging and release regime because these are actually semi
production grade systems. I guess I'll have to work out how to run  
the tests
without it needing to be installed.

In respect of whether we need to go for a more widely distributed beta
release, lets have a straw poll of sorts. The aim is not to answer  
that question
as such, but to get an idea of who out there has actually been using the
version 3.3 development trunk on actual systems on a day to day basis.
I know that there are some people have been doing so. As Jim says, any
feedback tends only to come from members of this list anyway so if we  
enough people on this list who have been using it for a while, one might
say that is justification enough to got straight to a 3.3.1 (non  
beta) version
if we want to consider doing that.


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