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From Ramesh Mani <rm...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: servicedef validation - implClass
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2018 23:37:06 GMT

Could you please provide the exception stack that is printed along with
error message you are showing. Please check in xa_portal.log ( Ranger log).

Also check in Ranger class path ranger-plugins-common*jar is there. Check
in {install.dir}/ranger-admin/ews/lib and
{install.dir}/ranger-admin/ews/webapp/WEB-INF/lib and it has the necessary
permission for the process user who start ranger admin.

As you notice it should have used the base implementation when you leave
implClass blank / or not in the service def.


On 2/2/18, 6:24 AM, "Nigel Jones" <nigel.l.jones@gmail.com> wrote:

>We're currently writing a Ranger plugin for an open source virtual
>database driver known as ŒGaianDB¹.
>We have the basics of a plugin working, but today a colleague tried to
>setup our plugin, and on their ranger install they could not create an
>instance of our ranger service, hitting the error
>"Gaian failed to find service class
>org.apache.ranger.services.gaiandb.RangerServiceGaian. Resource lookup
>will not be available. Please make sure plugin jar is in the correct
>I had expected this to be a warning (fair enough), but it actually
>prevents the UI from saving the service instance, and so Gaian related
>policies cannot be created.
>They got this on I think a) an old 0.6.x build, and 0.7.1.
>Meanwhile I had been using a HDP 2.6.3 setup, which comes with 0.7.0 and
>with the same service definition did NOT of course hit this error.
>We haven¹t actually deployed any plugin code to the ranger server (yet)
>since we have not implemented the resource lookup capability. We had
>though specified an implClass in the servicedef. It¹s a later task :-)
>Looking at the ranger code in ServiceMgr.java it seems as if an empty
>string should cause ranger to use a default class. We tried this, as well
>as specifying the org.apache.ranger.plugin.service.RangerDefaultService
>class, but had the same error in both cases. I was though looking at code
>in master and see there have been a few changes
>Any suggestions as to how to persuade 0.7.0 to load the servicedef (other
>than implement the class required, albeit a no-op oneŠ?), or an
>explanation as to why we might see different behaviour?
>I¹m setting up a ranger install off master to debug/check latest codeŠ.
>For info the servicedef begins:
>  "id":99,
>  "name": "gaian",
>  "implClass": "org.apache.ranger.services.gaiandb.RangerServiceGaian",
>  "label": "Gaian",
>  "description": "Gaian",
>  "options": {
>    "enableDenyAndExceptionsInPolicies": "true"
>  },
>    "guid": "86d10748-e4fc-442b-8991-f6a727054ece",
>  "resources": [
>The full version can be found in
><https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/RANGER-1699> - see the latest
>attachment. Not as a patch as currently getting things working in a diff.
>Build tree
>If it seems like a bug (rather than a newbie error or specific to hdp)
>let me know and I¹ll open a jira!
>Many thanks

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