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From Eric Alton <sultanapea...@hotmail.com>
Subject Is there a Ranger REST v2 API to create users?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2019 21:09:33 GMT
We have a custom Ranger plugin that requires the Ranger admin user (ie amb_ranger_admin) exist
when the plugin is enabled. If a built-in service plugin such as Hive is enabled prior to
our custom plugin, this user will be created in Ranger automatically. If the user does not
exist, we provide instructions on how to add this user to Ranger manually.

We would like to automate creation of this user. Is there a REST API we can use to check whether
the Ranger admin user exists, and if not, create it? Searching online I find references to
older APIs that no longer work.

curl -u admin:admin -v -i -s -X GET http://$RANGER_ADMIN_URL/service/xusers/secure/users/$USER

For v2 I only see documentation for servicedef, service, and policy level APIs.

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