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From "Ciancetta, Jesse E." <jc...@mitre.org>
Subject Shindig 3.0 Release Schedule
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 20:04:15 GMT

I'm working on an Apache Incubator project (Apache Rave) which we're planning a 0.1 alpha
release for but we're running into a snag with the version of Shindig that we depend on. 
We're currently depending on Shindig 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT however we can't do an official incubator
release for our project while depending on a snapshot version.

I see a shindig-project-3.0.0-beta1 tag from back in April but it doesn't appear to have been
pushed/published to maven, plus I think it might be a bit old for our needs since I think
some of the common container code we're relying on is more recent than that.  Is there any
chance we could get a beta2 tagged and pushed out to maven so we have a stable version to
depend on?  If there is anything we can do to help please let me know.



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