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From "Ciancetta, Jesse E." <jc...@mitre.org>
Subject RE: Need some apache+maven advise Re: First Release
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 13:12:33 GMT
>I also noticed the request from Jesse on the Shindig dev@ list about a possible
>new beta2 release. Not seeing any responses to that, but I'd expect that'll
>won't happen overnight anyway. And it'll take days/weeks before they would
>such a release prepared, voted and finally released...
>So, I'm not sure we can/want to wait on that, really.
>I haven't tried to downgrade Shindig to the latest release version, but how
>do we actually need/depend on from Shindig 3.0 to get our 0.1 release
>If this is a blocker, we might simply be required to wait until a Shindig
>3.0-beta2 comes available before we can do our own release, which would be
>a pity :(
>So, can anyone investigate or explain how much we already are tied to Shindig

Our dependency on Shindig 3.0 is for the common container JavaScript code they've been working
on recently which is what we're currently using to generate our iframes and iframe url's for
OpenSocial gadgets.  The common container supports other functions as well but right now we're
not really using any of them.  If we were to downgrade to the last 2.0 release we'd need to
add support somewhere (maybe in the OpenSocialWidgetRenderer) to generate the iframe url's
and also support somewhere (maybe in our client side JS) to generate the iframes themselves
and set their location to the generated url.

I think it would be pretty straight forward to do (especially right now since we aren't setting
user preferences in the gadget rendering url's),  but we'd probably want to revert back to
3.0 right after our 0.1 release so we could continue to build on the common container base
(and hope that the Shindig beta2 release would be ready by the time we're ready to do a 0.2
release of Rave).


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