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From Marlon Pierce <mpie...@cs.indiana.edu>
Subject Re: Rave meetup at ApacheCon Vancouver - Wed 9 Nov
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 15:28:42 GMT
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Raminder, Suresh and I will be at ApacheCon.


On 10/5/11 11:06 AM, Sander van der Waal wrote:
> Hello Ravers!
> As discussed earlier [1], we'd like to get together at ApacheCon Vancouver,
> 7-11 November.
> On Monday and Tuesday, there will be an opportunity to get together for
> hacking. As Ate
> mentioned earlier, there will be a big room with plenty wifi and power and
> coffee(?) for anyone
> interested to hack on Rave/Wookie/whatever you like. I'll be there on
> both days.
> The main conference is on Wed - Friday. After the previous discussion I've
> indicated to the
> organisers that we'd like to have a Rave meetup on Wednesday night. This is
> also listed on
> the ApacheCon wiki [2]. *Please go there and +1 the meetup if you can come
> along. That is
> important to let the organisers know about the interest in the meetup.*
> The meetup is not about hacking but about discussing the project and related
> projects like
> Wookie. It's also an opportunity for people interested but not yet active
> with Rave to come
> along and have a chat. There's not really a schedule (yet) but one of the
> things I'd like to do
> is talk about a project we're running here in Oxford that is building
> templates for Rave, called
> Rave in Context [3]. It might be good to share ideas that you may have for
> the meetup here.
> Finally and on a personal note, I'm looking for someone to share a hotel
> room with, for
> part of all of the conference week. Please contact me off-list if you'd like
> to share with me
> (I'm squeaky clean and don't generally snore.. ;))
> I look forward to seeing many of you in Vancouver!
> Sander
> [1]
> http://markmail.org/search/?q=apache-rave+meetup#query:apache-rave%20meetup%20list%3Aorg.apache.incubator.rave-dev%20date%3A201106%20+page:1+mid:iudcsxmfwc56flln+state:results
> [2] http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/ApacheMeetupsNa11
> [3] http://code.google.com/a/apache-extras.org/p/rave-in-context/
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