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From Christian Fischer <c.fisc...@cs-hertwig.de>
Subject Re: Customize RAVE towards generic IWC
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2012 10:06:21 GMT
Hi Chris,

thanks for the reply :)
>> ...
> Thanks for your interest in Rave. We are always looking for new ways to
> utilize the Rave platform and hope you can share your work with the
> community as you go.
Shure, if i get all up and running nicely it would be great to 
contribute my things to the RAVE Project!
Is there a Forum for discussions or only the Mailing List with the Archive?
>> ...
> It is very easy to include custom code in the container (page). All you
> really need to do is customize the custom_js.tag file and point to your
> custom javascript. This will allow access to that script from the page. As
> for injecting code into the widget, I'm not sure the best way to do that
> with Wookie. With OpenSocial gadgets, you could have a custom feature and
> reference it from your gadgets.
Thanks for the hint - this helps me really. At the time, the RAVE-Code 
just looks to me a bit confusing. But it will be clearer when i working 
with it a while.

I know about the OpenAjax Feature for the OpenSocial-Gadgets/Widgets but 
my goal is to NOT TOUCH the original Widgets. So i must dynamically 
reference to the Feature when loading the Widgets.
In Wookie, there is a function called "injectScript" from the 
"IHtmlProcessor" Class which injects a reference to my custom js-files.
Is there someting simmilar in RAVE or must i use my custom build of 
Wookie within RAVE?
>> ...
> As a general note, Rave already supports OpenAjaxHub for IWC. Again, I'm
> not horribly familiar with the W3C widgets (Wookie) but on the OpenSocial
> side all you have to do is include the pubsub2 feature in your gadgets and
> pub/sub works like a champ. I suspect you can already do it from the Wookie
> side as well but someone else will have to confirm.
I'll try this.

> Chris
>> Tanks for Your Help,
>> Christian

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