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From René Peinl <rene.pe...@hof-university.de>
Subject AW: Allowing users to add widgets without page refresh
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 12:21:12 GMT
Hi everybody,
couldn't you establish a new JSP page that renders only one widget on the
server-side and then insert the result into the existing page using AJAX on
the client-side?
The only problem could be the page context, that might play a role for the
widget and would not be available be default in this solution.

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Betreff: RE: Allowing users to add widgets without page refresh

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>From: Scott Wilson [mailto:scott.bradley.wilson@gmail.com]
>Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2012 7:16 AM
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>Subject: Allowing users to add widgets without page refresh
>Hi everyone,
>We have a requirement from the OMELETTE project to add widgets to the 
>page without the user having to refresh the page - for example for a 
>"page helper" widget to find and then add a widget to the page for the 
>user. (see RAVE-743).
>The basic approach would seem to be adding an RPC method for adding a 
>widget to the page and then rendering it in the page. So, e.g.

For what it is worth, IMO this is 2 calls.  One to the API endpoint that
already exists and another to a new rave function that does the rendering.
I don't think that the api js namespace should be involved in rendering.

>I've looked into the requirements for this, and what I'm currently 
>stuck against is the use of JSP tags to render the widget "chrome"; 
>this isn't accessible from the client side so its not really possible 
>at the moment to add a widget to the page without a page refresh.
>One possibility is to move the region_widget.tag code into client-side 
>JS templating. However, there is then an issue with localization. 
>Alternatively, the logic could be moved from a JSP tag into a Java class
and executed via RPC.
>However, that will make for some really messy code.
>Can anyone think of any better solutions for this?

I think that the best approach might be to generate a client side template
for  a widget using the JSP tags.  This might take some tweaking of the
existing template, but would allow you to make one more call to the tags to
render out a hidden template that can be used to render new gadgets.


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