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From Erin Noe-Payne <erin.noe.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Require.js in 0.22
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 03:07:49 GMT
Hey All,

As I mentioned in the rave-angular thread, Require.js will be an
important part of the angular branch architecture. I am thinking it
would be reasonable to introduce AMD support into the trunk even
before we release the angular branch, to offer the performance
benefits sooner and to introduce the new paradigm.  My initial thought
is to make AMD support optional and off by default, to avoid breaking
changes.  That would involve...

- A couple new rave core and rave portal js files introduced to align
with require.js modules, jsp tags updated accordingly.
- Each of those js files checks for the existence of requirejs in the
environment and wraps itself in a define() if yes, otherwise acts the
same as before.

In this scenario anyone who wanted to take advantage of require.js
would need to do some amount of overlaying to introduce require,
update the script jsp tags, and so on.

Alternatively, if there is interest we could introduce require as a
breaking change for 0.22 and integrate the require.js optimizer into
the build process. The advantage would be no need to overlay to get
AMD support, the disadvantage is any implementation updating to 0.22
would need to update their container scripts to be compatible with
AMD. In either case this would have no impact on gadgets.


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