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Subject svn commit: r924352 - in /websites/staging/roller/trunk/content: ./ downloads/downloads.html index.html
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2014 03:00:12 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Thu Oct  2 03:00:12 2014
New Revision: 924352

Staging update by buildbot for roller

    websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Thu Oct  2 03:00:12 2014
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/downloads/downloads.html
--- websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/downloads/downloads.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/downloads/downloads.html Thu Oct  2 03:00:12 2014
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ general public at no charge, under the 
 in both binary and source distributions.</p>
 <p>General Availability (GA) Releases</strong> - <em>Ready for Prime Time!</em>
-<a href="">Roller 5.1.0</a>
(&quot;best available&quot;)</p>
+<a href="">Roller 5.1.1</a>
(Released 1 October 2014)</p>
 <p>Previous source and binary distributions, including documentation,
 are available in the
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ support options hosted by the Apache Rol
 <p>Note: When downloading from a mirror, please be sure to verify that checksums and
signatures are correct.
 To do so, use the checksum and signature files from the main Apache site at
-<a class="external" href=""></a>
+<a class="external" href=""></a>
 Find here the KEYS file, which contains all OpenPGP keys we use to sign releases:
 <a class="external" href=""></a></p>

Modified: websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/index.html
--- websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/index.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/roller/trunk/content/index.html Thu Oct  2 03:00:12 2014
@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@
           <p>Roller's installation guide covers deployment on Tomcat, GlassFish, and
JBoss application servers using a MySQL, 
         Derby, or PostgreSQL database. Users however have reported success running Roller
on other app servers and databases.</p>
-          <p><a class="btn btn-default" href=""
role="button">Current Release Docs (PDF) &raquo;</a>
+          <p><a class="btn btn-default" href=""
role="button">Current Release Docs (PDF) &raquo;</a>
              <a class="btn btn-default" href=""
role="button">Latest Nightly Docs (ODT) &raquo;</a></p>

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