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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: PR18 - NOTICE file update
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 09:03:44 GMT

> I assume Justin asked you to write this email.

No I didn’t, I did point out it was an outstanding issue several week back and IMO needed
to be addressed before a release was made.

> I’m not sure how well you read the PR, but I don’t believe it's accurate at all.
The original code of Royale does not come from Adobe at all. Parts of it were adapted from
Apache Flex which was in turn *donated* by Adobe to Apache.

The code in question comes from the Apache Flex project, it has a NOTICE file, you need to
look at that NOTICE file and either apply all or it or preferably the relevant bits according
to what you have bundled.
> We’re not bundling anything here, but if any link is applicable, it’s this one.[2]

Apache Flex code is being bundled here.  This code [1] that was committed to Apache Royale
comes from the Apache Flex project [2]. For instance search for "@productversion Flex 3”
in that commit [2]. It was original donated by Adobe in a software grant (as it was part of
the Flex 3 codebase) which you agree with above. That why those lines about Adobe are listed
in the Apache Flex NOTICE file in the first place. The link you provided [3]  states that
Apache Flex NOTICE file [4] needs to looked at and and bits propagated to the Apache Royale
NOTICE file. That IMO includes these lines:

The Initial Developer of the Original Code, known as Adobe Flex, is Adobe
Systems Incorporated (
    Copyright 2003 - 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.

As that is the case here. You could also possibly point out in the NOTICE file which files
come via this route to make it clearer but that may be a long list when looking at the compiler
code and I’ve not seen other project do this. However usually other projects code goes in
a directory called 3rd party or similar to make it clear where it come from.

The copyright ASF line only needs to be included once.


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