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From Piotr Zarzycki <>
Subject Re: Building a repository front end with Royale
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2017 11:47:09 GMT
Hi Dany,

First of all this is wonderful news that you are considering Royale as one
of the technology to build your application. Answering to your questions (I
think others will shot you also with more thoughts)

*- will Royale be production ready by february/march?*
Apache Royale team is consist with volunteers which in most cases not
working as a full time developers on framework. In that case it is hard to
answer whether we will be ready for the production. - I can say that in
some way we are now, but there are plenty of things to do to be more robust
and easy to use as Flex framework was. The more people and projects will be
built with Royale we will be better and better.
*- is it possible to easily integrate javascript only components into
Royale? Example: FullCalendar.js*
The answer is yes. As one of the bigger example is MaterialDesignLite [1]
module which is part of the Royale and this is actually integration of
existing MDL library. Additionally Harbs wrote awesome article how to use
existing JS library into the project [2]
-* could anyone provide an IntelliJ template to start with?*
I can provide you an old instruction how to use Intellij with FlexJS [3] -
I think instruction wasn't check with Royale yet. I can only tell that I'm
using intellij to develop Royale and previously use Intellij for
development of FlexJS applications itself. You can also work a bit IDE
agnostic using Maven to build your applications and Intellij can be used as
code assistance only.
You have also two actively developed IDE which supports Royale VSCode
[4][6] and Moonshine [5][7].
*- I'll definitely need help during the development proces, will this be
I can say that definitely anyone who is active on that list and in this
project will give an hints and help in any kind of way!

Remember that development list is an public one, so avoid to share some
confident information here, but rather by sending them directly to anyone

Looking forward to more of your questions and answer from others! :)


Thanks, Piotr

2017-12-01 12:17 GMT+01:00 Dany Dhondt <>:

> Hi all,
> I'm working for the library department of a big University college in
> Belgium (+13k students). We have spent a year on making a concept for an
> institutional repository.
> Now, we're in the phase of making a tender for the backbone software which
> will handle storage, DOI's etc. High on our list is figshare [1]. We would
> use figshare as a repository backbone and build our own front end using
> figshare's api's.
> It will be my responsibility to develop, implement and maintain this front
> end. I  think development will start around february/march 2018 and it will
> be up to me to choose a front end technology. So far, choices are Angular,
> React or Vue. Since I have quite some experience with Flex, I would like to
> add Royale to this list.
> I have been following the Flex/Royale dev lists very closely and I'm
> convinced of the quality of the product but:
> - will Royale be production ready by february/march?
> - is it possible to easily integrate javascript only components into
> Royale? Example: FullCalendar.js [2]
> - could anyone provide an IntelliJ template to start with?
> - I'll definitely need help during the development proces, will this be
> available?
> - and last but not least: is Royale the right choice?
> If it is convenient, I can provide a full front end wireframe (built in
> Adobe XD CC) although that should be treated as highly confidential
> There is much at stake here so please advise...
> thanks in advance
> Dany
> [1]
> [2]


Piotr Zarzycki

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