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From Mahesh Dananjaya <>
Subject Re: Using Samoa API outside the samoa Framework within My Project by providing dependencies.
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2016 08:55:05 GMT
Hi Nicolos,
And also i want to learn how to access and used ML algorithms as you
mentioned in the first questions later for my work.thank you very much.

On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Mahesh Dananjaya <
> wrote:

> Hi Nicolas,
> Thank you very much for the response. I have corrected the above issue.
> But i need your help for upcoming work.I am Google Summer of Code student
> and working with WSo2 machine learner. In my google project i have to
> integrate long term sustaining advanced predictive analysis platform into
> wso2 cep (complex event processor ) and wso2 ML (Machine Learner). Seems to
> be samao  is better serving for the purpose. So now i want to integrate
> samoa/samoa-api into WSO2 CEP.
> Initially what did was, create a new maven project, add samoa-api
> dependency and wrote some task and run them. Its working fine.I just want
> to check the samoa functionalities using outside as a seperate api. Now i
> want to integrate samoa with my existing event streams in my GSOC
> project.In that case both last options you mentioned is going to be used.
> - Or you want to feed an output of your class (which is external to Samoa)
> into Samoa?
> - Or you want to use the output of a Samoa algorithm into your class?
> In both cases answer is yes.Initially we can go with the existing
> algorithms. Currenlty we are using Apache Spark with my own streaming
> supported implementation. But WSO2 decided to move into samoa. So we need
> to direct stream traffic into samoa rather than spark (which is currently
> we are using) and get stream out (results of model retrain).
> I have looked into samoa structure with topologies within last couple of
> weeks. As a example in the streaming Clustering i just need to give WSO2
> cep event streams into samoa input streams.In this case i want to connect
> my streams into samoa input streams and i want to get output bach into cep
> output streams from samoa api streams. SO any help from your side.Currenly
> what i am trying to do is that, connecting external stream or generated
> streams to classes like ClusteringEvaluation and get the result back form
> evaluationstreams to mine. Any help would be great and helpful.thank you.
> regards,
> Mahesh.
> On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 1:34 PM, Nicolas Kourtellis <
> > wrote:
>> Hi Mahesh,
>> Thanks for giving Samoa a shot and thanks for your time playing with the
>> API!
>> I am not sure what you are actually trying to do.
>> - Do you want to add a new ML algorithm built on top of the Samoa ML API?
>> - So you are wondering how to compile and call your class?
>> - Or you want to feed an output of your class (which is external to Samoa)
>> into Samoa?
>> - Or you want to use the output of a Samoa algorithm into your class?
>> Can you give us some more details on your class and how you want to
>> interface it with Samoa?
>> Thanks again!
>> Nicolas
>> On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 3:25 PM, Mahesh Dananjaya <
>> > wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> > I am bit new to Apache samoa and i am using Apache samoa for one of my
>> > research projects. I am adding samoa dependencies into my maven project
>> and
>> > now i want to run my jar in the same way as the documentation
>> >
>> > bin/samoa storm target/SAMOA-Storm-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
>> > "PrequentialEvaluation -d /tmp/dump.csv -i 1000000 -f 100000 -l
>> > (classifiers.trees.VerticalHoeffdingTree -p 4) -s
>> > (generators.RandomTreeGenerator -c 2 -o 10 -u 10)"
>> >
>> > How this command should be changed to run my project jar?
>> > My class is implements your Task and Configurable interfaces. So when i
>> > write a my class like PrequentialEvaluation, how am i going to invoke
>> that
>> > one for running. Can i still use bin/samoa to run example code by adding
>> > samoa dependencies?Is it like apache spark?However i am currently
>> building
>> > my topologies inside the original samoa source , but i need to get them
>> to
>> > my own project by adding maven dependencies. So then how can i do
>> this.any
>> > help.thank you
>> > regards,
>> > Mahesh Dananjaya.
>> >
>> --
>> Nicolas Kourtellis

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