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From Albert Bifet <>
Subject Re: Podling Report Reminder - March 2017
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2017 20:19:04 GMT
Here is a draft for the report, I'll post it by EOB tomorrow if there is no
other comment.


SAMOA provides a collection of distributed streaming algorithms for the
most common data mining and machine learning tasks such as
classification, clustering, and regression, as well as programming
abstractions to develop new algorithms that run on top of distributed
stream processing engines (DSPEs).  It features a pluggable architecture
that allows it to run on several DSPEs such as Apache Flink, Apache
Storm, Apache Apex and Apache Samza.

SAMOA has been incubating since 2014-12-15.

Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:

  1. Grow the developer base
  2. Grow the user base
  3. Add some more ML techniques

Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
aware of?


How has the community developed since the last report?

  Mailing list activity (December 2016 - February 2017):
  * @dev: 24 messages

  Jira issues backlog (December 2016 - February 2017):
  * Created:  2
  * Resolved: 0

 - We are organizing an internal workshop on SAMOA at Telefonica I+D
with researchers of Orange Labs

  - We had a presentation of Apache Samoa at Paris Machine Learning
Meetup and Hamburg Machine Learning Meetup

   - Bhupesh Chawda has presented Apache SAMOA in different venues
with his presentation "Machine Learning Support in Apache Apex (Next
Gen Hadoop) with Apache SAMOA"

  - We invited edi_bice who made several contributions last
    spring to become a committer.

  - We published a scientific paper using Apache Samoa and one of
    its machine learning techniques (Vertical Hoeffding Tree)
    presented in IEEE BigData Conference last December 2016.

How has the project developed since the last report?

  - We are looking into new ML techniques for development.

Date of last release:


When were the last committers or PMC members elected?



  [ ](samoa) Alan Gates
  [ ](samoa) Ashutosh Chauhan
  [ ](samoa) Enis Soztutar
  [ ](samoa) Ted Dunning

Cheers, Albert

On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 4:11 AM,  <> wrote:
> Dear podling,
> This email was sent by an automated system on behalf of the Apache
> Incubator PMC. It is an initial reminder to give you plenty of time to
> prepare your quarterly board report.
> The board meeting is scheduled for Wed, 15 March 2017, 10:30 am PDT.
> The report for your podling will form a part of the Incubator PMC
> report. The Incubator PMC requires your report to be submitted 2 weeks
> before the board meeting, to allow sufficient time for review and
> submission (Wed, March 01).
> Please submit your report with sufficient time to allow the Incubator
> PMC, and subsequently board members to review and digest. Again, the
> very latest you should submit your report is 2 weeks prior to the board
> meeting.
> Thanks,
> The Apache Incubator PMC
> Submitting your Report
> ----------------------
> Your report should contain the following:
> *   Your project name
> *   A brief description of your project, which assumes no knowledge of
>     the project or necessarily of its field
> *   A list of the three most important issues to address in the move
>     towards graduation.
> *   Any issues that the Incubator PMC or ASF Board might wish/need to be
>     aware of
> *   How has the community developed since the last report
> *   How has the project developed since the last report.
> *   How does the podling rate their own maturity.
> This should be appended to the Incubator Wiki page at:
> Note: This is manually populated. You may need to wait a little before
> this page is created from a template.
> Mentors
> -------
> Mentors should review reports for their project(s) and sign them off on
> the Incubator wiki page. Signing off reports shows that you are
> following the project - projects that are not signed may raise alarms
> for the Incubator PMC.
> Incubator PMC

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