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From Chris Riccomini <>
Subject Re: Example Initable Task
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2013 17:27:33 GMT
Hi there,

Your task looks good. Your init() method receives two parameters: Config,
and TaskContext. The config object has *all* config properties defined in
your job's config. If you were to write:

public void init(Config config, TaskContext context) throws Exception {

And you had, you'd then expect to see your task print
"someVal" once for each partition that the Samza container is responsible
for. For example, if you had a single Samza container
(yarn.container.count=1, or using LocalJobFactory), and you had defined a
single input stream that had 4 partitions, your logs would show "someVal"
printed four times (one for each partition that the Samza container is
responsible for processing).


On 12/7/13 4:18 AM, "sgg" <> wrote:

>Does anyone have a working example of a Samza job using an InitableTask?
>It wasn't clear from the documentation what ways to specify the input
>parameters to the init() method.  Is it a matter of adding lines in the
>config file that look like:
> = someVal
>Also, when I tried to run a simple example with an InitableTask, I get an
>error.  It seems there is some problem when Samza attempts to instantiate
>the class
>Here is the sample task I am trying to run:
>public class SimpleSamzaTask implements InitableTask {
>  private static final SystemStream OUTPUT_STREAM =
>        new SystemStream("kafka", "simpleout");
>  public SimpleSamzaTask(){
>	  super();
>  }
>  public void process(IncomingMessageEnvelope envelope, MessageCollector
>collector, TaskCoordinator coordinator) {
>	  System.out.println("hello world");
>	  collector.send(new OutgoingMessageEnvelope(OUTPUT_STREAM, "hello: " +
>  }
>  @Override
>  public void init(Config arg0, TaskContext arg1) throws Exception {
>	  // TODO Auto-generated method stub
>	  System.out.println("in init");
>  }

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