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From Chris Riccomini <>
Subject Re: Custom Metrics Reporter
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 22:50:46 GMT
Hey Karthik,

Given that the snapshot reporter is correctly reporting all metrics, it
sounds like there might be a bug in your reporter. Could you post your
code on a github gist (or similar), so we can take a look?


On 12/15/14 2:43 PM, "Karthik Sriram" <> wrote:

> I'm a newbie to samza, and am trying to write my own MetricsReporter. My
>requirement is very similar to that of the provided
>SnapshotMetricsReporter, except that I want to send the metrics directly
>a custom metrics reporting tool that I use instead of a Stream. I'm
>that somehow all TaskInstance level metrics aren't being reported in my
>reporter even though they register. Ex. Kv store level metrics and
>window-calls etc are all always 0. My custom task specific Counters I
>register also don't seem to register with my custom Reporter, but
>SamzaContainer and SystemProducer level metrics do appear. To debug, I
>tried running both the SnapshotMetricsReporter and my
>simultaneously and find that SnapshotMetricsReporter reports all metrics
>correctly. Can someone please help me identify what may be going on?

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