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From Ruslan Khafizov <>
Subject SAMZA-435 Remove LevelDB support
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2015 13:17:02 GMT
Hi All,

I looked at newbie issues and SAMZA-435 Remove LevelDB support seamed
easy enough.
I removed samza-kv-leveldb and cleared dependencies in gradle.

Unfortunately I couldn't submit review request - probably due to git corruption.
I parked changes temporarily at

I have two questions regarding this cleanup.

1) LevelDB mentioned several times in CachedStore scaladoc. At first I
wanted just replace it with RocksDB but while comment refers to
CachedStore as a "caching layer around the leveldb store" actually it
caches KeyValueStore which has several implementations.
I thought maybe CachedStore evolved since scaladoc has been written.
Can please anyone suggest what to do with LevelDB references in
CachedStore scaladoc. Can it be replaced by RocksDB or scaladoc has to
be re-written?

2) There are several files which refer to pre-apache


I greped sources and they are not referred from other files. I deleted
them and gradle clean build passes.
Is it safe to delete these files?


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