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From Prateek Maheshwari <>
Subject Re: Anyone interested in Elasticsearch 5.x ?
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2019 17:07:37 GMT
Hi Thunder,

Thanks for the offer to update the ES version!

What's the scope of these changes? Is this a client version upgrade
with minor changes, or a reimplementation of / significant changes to
the ElasticsearchSystemProducer/Consumer? Will the changes be
backwards compatible for existing users (looks like we'll be going
from ES 2.x to 5.x).
If these are small changes, and are backwards compatible for users,
we'll be happy to review and merge it. If it's the latter, would be
good to understand what the user impact / migration complexity would
be first.


On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 10:07 PM Thunder Stumpges
<> wrote:
> Sending out a feeler for if a PR to update the Elasticsearch module to ES
> 5.x and expand support from just IndexRequest to ActionRequest (allows
> Deletes from ES indices)  would be desired?
> We have had this for some time, and I recently went back through our
> customizations, and submitted a few other PRs, and saw this one. It does
> need a little work to make it up to Samza coding standards and more robust
> unit tests, but we've been using it in production for some time now.
> If there is interest, I will make a point to clean this up some and get in
> a PR...
> Let me know!
> Thunder Stumpges

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