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This tutorial teaches you how you can do WSDL CXF service for ServiceMix

Suggestions for improvements
  • construct a specific usecase (for example to retrieve information about a person etc.)
  • tell the user what will be created in this tutorial and explain CXF -> Webservice relation)
  • better specification of the requirements for this tutorial
  • let the user create a project folder somewhere and only work there -> not in SMX_HOME etc.
  • use the servicemix-project-root archetype for creating the project
  • use smx-arch to create the SU's and SA's and explain what is generated there and what it is used for
  • don't copy source code around ... this is not needed if the project is set up correctly
  • optional: graphical tool (eclipse?) to generate a wsdl ?
  • try to not use headlines like 'Creating our second SU' as it tells the user nothing
  • explain how the source code is generated from the wsdl file
  • add a description how to deploy the SA to smx. Maybe some people can't remember
  • check if the test html page really works for both Linux and Windows
  • add some kind of conclusion to the end of the tutorial maybe also with some tipps how to do further


  • basic knowledges about deployment services in ServiceMix

Goals of the document

  • WSDL CXF service for ServiceMix


Start this tutorial (← 1.01 Creating the Maven project)

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