servicemix-camel 2009.01 has been created by Gert Vanthienen (Jun 15, 2009).


Release Notes - ServiceMix Components - Version servicemix-camel-2009.01


  • SMXCOMP-111 - When deployed in Smx4, the JBI SUs do not have access to the whole JRE
  • SMXCOMP-113 - Components jars should not include the jbi descriptor
  • SMXCOMP-231 - DeploymentException on shutdown when multiple routes target the same endpoint
  • SMXCOMP-232 - smx-camel errorHandler w/handleFault="true" should consistently throw JBIFaultException and not CamelException when mep is robust-in-only
  • SMXCOMP-234 - When stopping a bundle with a camel route from("jbi:xxx"), the jbi endpoint is not unregistered when the bundle is stopped
  • SMXCOMP-453 - smx-camel errorHandler w/handleFault="true" does not "handle" JBIFault thrown by smx-cxf-bc provider
  • SMXCOMP-458 - Malformed is generated for the servicemix-http bundle
  • SMXCOMP-462 - change osgi spring file for servicemix-camel according to the recent servicemix-camel refactor(SMXCOMP-455Create JbiComponent per SU (camel context))
  • SMXCOMP-471 - Deploying camel routes involving JBI endpoints in ServiceMix 4 does not work anymore
  • SMXCOMP-478 - OSGi bundles for components should not require the jaxp-ri bundle


  • SMXCOMP-15 - Consider adding a placeholder shared library to the servicemix-camel jbi component
  • SMXCOMP-115 - Patch available for upgrading components to Spring 2.5.6
  • SMXCOMP-116 - Upgrade to spring osgi 1.2.0-m2
  • SMXCOMP-236 - Upgrade to camel 1.5.0
  • SMXCOMP-238 - Upgrade to Camel 1.5
  • SMXCOMP-239 - Improve error handling in smx-camel
  • SMXCOMP-455 - Create JbiComponent per SU (camel context)


  • SMXCOMP-241 - Added a simple unit test to verify the service-camel component will use different camel context for different su

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