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Subject [CONF] Apache ServiceMix > 2011-06-15
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 21:54:01 GMT
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         <h1><a name="2011-06-15-March16th%2C2011"></a>March 16th, 2011</h1>

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Status report <span class="code-keyword">for</span> the Apache ServiceMix project
- March 2011

Project Status

We <span class="code-keyword">continue</span> to have an active community with
high levels of participation from users on mailing lists, IRC, and issue reporting in Jira.

No issues <span class="code-keyword">for</span> the board to consider.


* Voted and accepted Ioannis Canellos as Comitter

Community Objectives
Roadmap - The community has spent the last 3 months discussing the <span class="code-keyword">future</span>
roadmap <span class="code-keyword">for</span> ServiceMix 4.4 and 5.0 with healthy
participation by interested parties (both committers and users participating).  A maintenance
release <span class="code-keyword">for</span> ServiceMix 3.4 is also being discussed.

Web Site and Documentation - Work is underway to move the web site content from the Confluence
export plugin to being <span class="code-keyword">static</span> generated content
with some community managed content remaining as wiki pages in Confluence.  As part of <span
class="code-keyword">this</span> effort we are updating our logo, branding and web
site content to reflect the <span class="code-quote">"Apache Project Branding Requirements"</span>.
 The community is also creating <span class="code-keyword">new</span> documentation
that will be maintained with each release so that we can provide release specific docs that
are self contained.

Branding Status
- Project Naming And Descriptions : Compliant
- Website Navigation Links : Partial compliance (need to standardize link text) will achieve
compliance in pending <span class="code-keyword">new</span> web site.
- Trademark Attributions : Non-compliant, will be compliant in <span class="code-keyword">new</span>
web site.
- Logos and Graphics : Current logo is not compliant, <span class="code-keyword">new</span>
logo will be compliant
- Project Metadata : Compliant

ServiceMix Features 4.3.0 (Main ESB Distribution)
ServiceMix Components 2010.02
ServiceMix Specs 1.7.0
ServiceMix Utils 1.4.0
ServiceMix NMR 1.3.0
ServiceMix NMR 1.4.0

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