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Subject svn commit: r1454298 - /servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 09:31:20 GMT
Author: gertv
Date: Fri Mar  8 09:31:20 2013
New Revision: 1454298

Add information about Amaliant's commercial support


Modified: servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/
--- servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/ (original)
+++ servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/ Fri Mar  8 09:31:20 2013
@@ -1,9 +1,6 @@
-title: Support
-page_version: 20
-page_creator: jstrachan
-page_modifier: jgenender
---- pipeline:conf
+title: Support
+--- pipeline:conf
 h1. Support 
 There are two types of help available for Apache ServiceMix: 
@@ -42,7 +39,9 @@ We can help you much quicker if you try 
 * [submit a patch|Contributing] fixing the bug! (We also buy you beer when we meet you if
you submit bug fixes :)
 * for memory leaks or performance related issues, if you can run a profiler on your test
case and attach the output as a file (or zipped file if its huge) to the JIRA we can normally
fix things much faster. e.g. run JProfiler or YourKit on your code and send us the output.
To find memory leaks its quicker to resolve if you can tell us what classes are taking up
all of the RAM; we can normally figure out whats wrong from that.
-h2. Commerical Support 
+h2. Commerical Support
+[Ameliant|] is a specialist consultancy based in London, UK that focuses
on open source integration and messaging using the Apache integration stack (ServiceMix, Camel,
CXF and ActiveMQ). Ameliant delivers consulting services around developing integrations using
ServiceMix, through developer and operations training, development of prototypes and ongoing
mentoring. The company also provides guidance around migrations and troubleshooting of operational
 [FuseSource|] provides enterprise [subscriptions|],
[training|] and [consulting|]
for the enterprise version of ServiceMix, [Fuse ESB|].
Also, there is a growing wealth of information about ServiceMix and some of its sister projects
([Apache ActiveMQ|], [Apache Camel|]
and [Apache CXF|] at the [FuseSource website|].

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