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Subject svn commit: r1454820 - /servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/board-reports/
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2013 10:44:49 GMT
Author: gertv
Date: Sun Mar 10 10:44:49 2013
New Revision: 1454820

Add initial stab at March board report


Added: servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/board-reports/
--- servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/board-reports/ (added)
+++ servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/board-reports/ Sun Mar
10 10:44:49 2013
@@ -0,0 +1,56 @@
+title: Board Report 2013-03-20
+--- pipeline:conf
+This is a work-in-progress - the board report has not yet been submitted.
+h2. March 20th, 2013
+Apache ServiceMix is a flexible, open-source integration container that
+unifies the features and functionality of Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF and
+Karaf to provide a complete, enterprise-ready ESB powered by OSGi.
+Project Status
+While we continue to have an active community, we also have lost
+some of our momentum now that major parts of the functionality are being
+maintained in related projects like Apache Karaf and Apache Camel.
+Red Hat has offered to donate the code for Fuse Fabric to the Apache
+ServiceMix project ( - while the
+paperwork is being sorted out, we did some preliminary research to
+see if the name "Apache Fabric" would be available for use for this
+There are no outstanding issues requiring board attention.
+No changes since last report.
+Community Objectives
+Since our last board report, we have finished the long-awaited 4.5.0
+release.  We're preparing to release 4.5.1 later this month and have
+started working on Apache ServiceMix 5.0.0, in which we are dropping
+support for some older technology to allow for a more frequent release
+Documentation and website remain important working topics.
+Branding Status
+- Project Naming And Descriptions : Compliant
+- Website Navigation Links : Compliant
+- Trademark Attributions : Compliant
+- Logos and Graphics : Current logo is not compliant
+- Project Metadata : Compliant
+- A set of 49 OSGi bundles in January
+- Apache ServiceMix 4.5.0 in February
+- A set of 18 OSGi bundles in March
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