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Subject svn commit: r1495157 - in /servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp: community/ css/style.css images/powered-by-servicemix-tm.png
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 20:12:21 GMT
Author: gertv
Date: Thu Jun 20 20:12:21 2013
New Revision: 1495157

Adding the "Powered By" logo to the website
Thanks to Wim Verreydt for providing the logo!


Modified: servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/
--- servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/ (original)
+++ servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/community/ Thu Jun 20 20:12:21 2013
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 title: Users
 --- pipeline:conf
-This page lists the open source projects, people and companies using ServiceMix. Please add
yourself to this list - click on the edit button on the bottom right of this page or get [more
help|How does the website work].
+This page lists the open source projects, people and companies using ServiceMix.  If you
would like to be added to the list, drop us a note on the users [mailing list|mailing-lists]
or have a look at [this page|website-source] to learn about how we build the website and [contribute|contributing]
a patch yourself.
 h3. Open Source Projects using ServiceMix
@@ -26,3 +26,12 @@ h3. People and Companies using ServiceMi
 | [Tecsisa|] | We are a Spanish IT consulting firm specialized in
the automation of complex business processes using leading technology approaches such as BPM-SOA
[BPM-SOA|] | Enterprise SOA
 consulting and development |
 |[TouK|]|We are using Apache ServiceMix (both 3.x
and 4.x) with [Apache Camel|], [Apache ODE|]
and [Apache HISE|] as a middleware integration platform,
with the biggest deployment for [Play|], mobile telco operator in
Poland|Enterprise architecture & development|
+h3. Powered by
+If you're using Apache ServiceMix, feel free to use this 'Powered By' logo in your product
or product documentation

Modified: servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/css/style.css
--- servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/css/style.css (original)
+++ servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/css/style.css Thu Jun 20 20:12:21 2013
@@ -1596,3 +1596,11 @@ div.auto_complete ul strong.highlight {
 .leftnav li a:active {color:white;}
 .leftnav li a:visited {color:white;}
 .leftnav li a:hover {background-color: #003366; color:white;}
+/* background color to show the white letters of the powered-by loggo */
+#powered-by {
+    background-color: #3c78b5;
+    margin-left: 10px;
+    padding: 2px;
+    width: 375px;

Added: servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/images/powered-by-servicemix-tm.png
Files servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/images/powered-by-servicemix-tm.png (added)
and servicemix/website/trunk/src/main/webapp/images/powered-by-servicemix-tm.png Thu Jun 20
20:12:21 2013 differ

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