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From Peter Rothenpieler <>
Subject Gadget-specific SecurityToken for OSAPI?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2010 08:50:08 GMT
Hi people of shindig,

I am using OSAPI over JSON-RPC to load and store the Gadget
UserPreferences as ApplicationData. On my demo-page, I have multiple
gadgets being displayed at the same time (in iframes). Sadly, I have to
"manually" update the securityToken for each call, since only one
"global" SecurityToken is stored in the shindig.auth classes.
This, of course, not only affects my UserPreferenceStore but also every
OSAPI-Call which the gadget developers would make - they would all have
to manually update the key by first calling

The problem is in "features/osapi/jsonrpctransport.js" where the osapi
call is secured using the securityToken, which is obtained by calling

> function execute(requests, callback) { 
> [...]
> var token = shindig.auth.getSecurityToken();
> if (token) {
>     url += "?st=";
>     url += encodeURIComponent(token);
> } 
> [...]

My AppDataCall looks like this:
> shindig.AppDataBasedUserPrefStore.prototype.savePrefs = function(gadget) {
>     shindig.auth.updateSecurityToken(gadget.secureToken);
>     osapi.appdata.update({
>          appId: "UP_" +,
>          userId: "@me",
>          groupId:"@self",
>          data: getUserPrefs()}
>          ).execute(savePrefsResponseHandler);	
> }

Is there a better way to handle the SecurityToken when making
OSAPI-Calls? Since gadget.secureToken is properly initialized - wouldn't
it make sense to use this Token instead of the "shindig.auth" call?


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