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From Folke Mitzlaff <>
Subject Shindig 2.0.0 in Tomcat with non root context path
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2010 10:33:03 GMT

I'm trying to run shindig on a tomcat 5.5 servlet container together 
with an other web application with a non root context path (e.g. 

All open social urls are mapped to '/' with an apache web server using 
mod_proxy (e.g. 
'/gadgets/js/core:rpc:pubsub:shindig-container.js?c=1&debug=1' is 
proxied to 

The main problem is that shindig's default set up is configured to run 
in the root context. Accessing the url given above yields status 400 
with the message 'The request sent by the client was syntactically 
incorrect (Js Uri path invalid, expected prefix: /gadgets/js, is: 

I finally succeeded to get the set up running by updating 
'' and 'container.js' within the deployed file 
'shindig-common-2.0.0.jar'. But this is cumbersome. So my question is: 
Is there a standard way for configuring shindig's context path, e.g. by 
setting a context parameter in tomcat's context.xml or placing a 
configuration file in some place?

Any help is appreciated!


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