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Subject Client side usage of Shindig?
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:07:13 GMT


I’m completely new to shindig and would need some starting hints. Any help highly appreciated.

I just downloaded shindig and followed a view gadgets tutorial to use the sample page to add
them. Everything works great but now I have a little gap how to really use shindig:

1.) I have an html page where I want to add one or two gadgets. Do  I do this by adding 2
iframes (with calculated gadget URL) myself or is this part of Shindig?

2.) Is the containerlayout (title, toggle link, etc.) just an example in the sample page and
should I produce it myself with html? Or are there skinning possibilities and a default container
(client side)?

3.) Whats the rpc_dely.html about and are there examples?

Any hints would be great.
I used this:
 - which is good but rough.

I think my main problem is I don’t understand if Apache Shindig is just the container or
has some Client & UI related parts (beside the example HTMLs).
Kind regards

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