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Subject RE: Client side usage of Shindig?
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 08:25:25 GMT


thanks a lot, that confirms my assumptions. That leads me to the following questions:

There are a few methods in the gadgets API that in my opinion interact directly with the client
side UI like:  <- setTitle, height,

If I implement the UI myself I have to take care of this on my own, right? 

This makes it rather difficult to create you first simple UI. I will check OSEC and maybe
"social site".

If anybody has done this before or if there are tutorials/templates around please let me know?

Kind regards

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Betreff: RE: Client side usage of Shindig?

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>>Subject: Client side usage of Shindig?
>>I’m completely new to shindig and would need some starting hints. Any
>>help highly appreciated.
>>I just downloaded shindig and followed a view gadgets tutorial to use
>>the sample page to add them. Everything works great but now I have a
>>little gap how to really use shindig:
>>1.) I have an html page where I want to add one or two gadgets. Do  I do
>>this by adding 2 iframes (with calculated gadget URL) myself or is this
>>part of Shindig?
>You do need to build the page with the iframes yourself but for generating the iframe
URL's I think you have a couple of options.  I believe Shindig has an endpoint built in which
can generate iframe URL's for you (part of what the RpcServlet mapped to /gadgets/metadata
does if I recall) or you can generate them yourself which is relatively straight forward to
do.  You can probably find some nice examples of this in the common container code that ships
with Shindig, or have a look at OSEC for a Java based example (
or Partuza for a PHP based example (
>>2.) Is the containerlayout (title, toggle link, etc.) just an example in
>>the sample page and should I produce it myself with html? Or are there
>>skinning possibilities and a default container (client side)?
>I think any code that ships with Shindig that does this sort of stuff is just a sample.
 Look at the projects referenced above for more complete implementations.
>>3.) Whats the rpc_dely.html about and are there examples?
>The rpc_relay.html file is used by the gadgets.rpc code as a transport to pass messages
between iframes that run on different domains -- I believe it is actually used as a last resort
when all better methods of cross domain RPC fail.  The gadgets.rpc code is really well implemented
and heavily commented -- have a look here for additional details:
>>Any hints would be great.
>>I used this:
>>eploying+shindig  - which is good but rough.
>>I think my main problem is I don’t understand if Apache Shindig is just
>>the container or has some Client & UI related parts (beside the example
>Shindig is just the backend -- I believe any container related code that ships with Shindig
currently is either meant to be a sample or a starting point for a more complete implementation.
>>Kind regards
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Schon gehört? WEB.DE hat einen genialen Phishing-Filter in die
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