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Subject svn commit: r1763481 - /shiro/site/publish/integration.html
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 19:36:17 GMT
Author: bdemers
Date: Wed Oct  5 19:36:17 2016
New Revision: 1763481

Updating integrations page


Modified: shiro/site/publish/integration.html
--- shiro/site/publish/integration.html (original)
+++ shiro/site/publish/integration.html Wed Oct  5 19:36:17 2016
@@ -86,12 +86,24 @@
   <li><p><strong><a href="">Stormpath
User Management</a></strong> from <a href="">Stormpath</a><br/>Pairing
Apache Shiro with Stormpath gives you a full application security and user management system,
with little to no coding.</p></li>
   <li><p><strong><a href="">Grails</a></strong>
from <a href="">Pivotal</a> and <a href="">@pledbrook</a><br/>Very
up-to-date Grails/Shiro Integration, including Grails 2.0 and Shiro 1.2. Adds easy authentication
and access control to Grails applications. </p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Apache Isis</a></strong>
from <a href="">Apache</a><br/>Apache Isis is a full-stack
framework for rapidly developing domain driven apps and RESTful APIs in Java. <a href="">It
uses Apache Shiro</a> 1.2.x for authentication and authorization.</p></li>
   <li><p><strong><a href="">Oauth</a></strong>
from <a href="">@JimmiDyson</a><br/>Source
code for an OAuth module for Apache Shiro based on Scribe</p></li>
   <li><p><strong><a href="">Google
App Engine</a></strong> from <a href="">@cilogi</a><br/>Demo
of one way to integrate Shiro with App Engine and Google Guice, plus front-end user registration
and password management.</p></li>
   <li><p><strong><a href="">Play!</a></strong>
from <a href="">@will_sargent</a><br/>A
very simple integration between Apache Shiro and Play 2.0. If you want to play with Play,
this project could use an update handling statelessness since the Shiro 1.2 release. </p></li>
   <li><p><strong><a href="">55Wicket</a></strong>
from <a href="">55 Minutes</a><br/>A nifty set
of tools and libraries for enhancing productivity with the Apache Wicket Java web framework,
including Shiro Integration.</p></li>
   <li><p><strong><a href="">Lift</a></strong>
from <a href="">@timperrett</a><br/>Integration
between Shiro and the Lift Web framework. Uses Lift’s sitemap Locs instead of Shiro’s
built in web.xml resource filters to control access to URLs. </p></li>
-</ul><h2>Got An Integration?</h2><p>Have an integration you want
listed? Use Subversion (SVN) to pull down a copy of this page, and participate in Shiro development!
<a href="how-to-contribute.html">Learn more about contributing to Apache Shiro</a>.</p>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Redis
Cache Manager</a></strong> from <a href="">@alexxiyang</a><br/>A
<a href="">Redis</a> Cache Manager implementation.</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Memcached
Cache Manager</a></strong> from <a href="">@mythfish</a><br/>A
<a href="">Memcached</a> Cache Manager implementation.</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">JAX-RS</a></strong>
from <a href="">@silb</a><br/>Apache Shiro support
for the Jersey JAX-RS implementation.</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Dropwizard</a></strong>
from <a href="">@silb</a><br/>A bundle for securing
<a href="">Dropwizard</a> with Apache Shiro.</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Thymeleaf</a></strong>
from <a href="">@theborakompanioni</a><br/>A
<a href="">Thymeleaf</a> dialect for <a href="">Apache
Shiro</a> <a href="">tags</a>.</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Krail</a></strong>
from <a href="">@davidsowerby</a><br/>Krail
provides a framework for rapid Java web development by combining Vaadin, Guice, Apache Shiro,
Apache Commons Configuration and others.</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Turnstile</a></strong>
- Swift</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Yosai</a></strong>
- Python</p></li>
+  <li><p><strong><a href="">Angular</a></strong>
- Angular</p></li>
+</ul><h2>Got An Integration?</h2><p>Have an integration you want
listed? Send us a pull request of <a href="">this
page</a>, and participate in Shiro development! <a href="how-to-contribute.html">Learn
more about contributing to Apache Shiro</a>.</p>

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