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Subject svn commit: r1773868 - in /shiro/site/publish: integration.html jaxrs.html
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2016 20:48:54 GMT
Author: bdemers
Date: Mon Dec 12 20:48:54 2016
New Revision: 1773868

adding freedomotic to integrations page


Modified: shiro/site/publish/integration.html
--- shiro/site/publish/integration.html (original)
+++ shiro/site/publish/integration.html Mon Dec 12 20:48:54 2016
@@ -264,6 +264,8 @@
   <p><strong><a href="">Krail</a></strong>
from <a href="">@davidsowerby</a><br/>Krail
provides a framework for rapid Java web development by combining Vaadin, Guice, Apache Shiro,
Apache Commons Configuration and others.</p></li>
   <p><strong><a href="">Rewrite
Servlet</a></strong> from <a href="">ocpsoft</a><br/>A
highly configurable URL-rewriting tool for Java EE 6+ and Servlet 2.5+ applications</p></li>
+  <li>
+  <p><strong><a href="">Freedomotic</a></strong>
from <a href=""></a><br/>Freedomotic
is an open source, flexible, secure Internet of Things (IoT) development framework in Java,
useful to build and manage modern smart spaces.</p></li>
 <h2><a href="#ports" name="ports">Ports</a></h2>

Modified: shiro/site/publish/jaxrs.html
--- shiro/site/publish/jaxrs.html (original)
+++ shiro/site/publish/jaxrs.html Mon Dec 12 20:48:54 2016
@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ public class ExampleApp extends Applicat
   <li>configures exception mapping from Shiro&rsquo;s <code>AuthorizationException</code>
to HTTP status codes (401 and 403)</li>
   <li>exposes Shiro&rsquo;s <code>Subject</code> as a <code></code></li>
-  <li>Configures processing of Shiro&rsquo;s annotations.</li>
+  <li>Configures processing of Shiro&rsquo;s annotations</li>
 <p>In the above example, requests to either <code>/api/shiro</code> or
<code>/api/shiro/define</code> will return an HTTP status of <code>401</code>
if a user is not currently logged in. A request to <code>/api/shiro/define</code>
made by a user without the <code>hello:define</code> will return a <code>403</code>.</p>
 <h2><a href="#want-to-see-more-" name="want-to-see-more-">Want to see more?</a></h2>

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