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From "Liu, Raymond" <>
Subject what's the strategy for code sync between branches e.g. scala-2.10 v.s. master?
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 09:04:03 GMT
	It seems to me that dev branches are sync with master by keep merging trunk codes. E.g. scala-2.10
branches continuously merge latest master code into itself for update.

	While I am wondering, what's the general guide line on doing this? It seems to me that not
every code in master are merged into scala-2.10 branch. Say, on OCT 10, there are a merge
from master to scala-2.10 branch. While some commit in OCT.4 not included. E.g. StandaloneX
rename to CoarseGrainedX. So I am puzzled, how do we track which commit is already merged
into scala-2.10 branch and which is not? And how do we plan to merge scala-2.10 branch back
to master? And is there any good way to find out that any changes are done by 2.10 branch
or by master through merge operation. It seems to me pretty hard to identify them and sync

	It seems to me that a rebase on master won't lead to the above issues, since all branch changes
will stay on the top. So any reason that merging is chosen instead of rebase other than not
want a force update on checked out source?

Best Regards,
Raymond Liu

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