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From Patrick Wendell <>
Subject Re: testing 0.9.0-incubating and maven
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 21:54:39 GMT
Hey Alex,

Maven profiles only affect the Spark build itself. They do not
transitively affect your own build.

Checkout the docs for how to deploy applications on yarn:

When compiling your application, just should explicitly add the hadoop
version you depend on to your own build (e.g. a hadoop-client
dependency). Take a look at the example here where we show adding

When deploying Spark applications on YARN, you actually want to mark
spark as a provided dependency in your application's maven and bundle
your application as an assembly jar, then submit it with a Spark YARN
bundle to a YARN cluster. The instructions are the same as they were
in 0.8.1.

For the spark jar you want to submit to YARN, you can download the
precompiled Spark one.

It might make sense to try this pipeline with 0.8.1 and get it working
there. It sounds here more like you are dealing with getting the build
set-up rather than a particular issue with the 0.9.0 RC.

- Patrick

On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Alex Cozzi <> wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> thank you for testing. I think I found out what is wrong: I am trying to build my own
examples that also depend on another library which in turns depends on hadoop 2.2.
> what was happening is that my library brings in hadoop 2.2, while spark depends on hadoop
1.04 and then I think I get conflict versions of the classes.
> A couple of things are not clear to me:
> 1: do the published artifacts support YARN and hadoop 2.2 or will I need to make my own
> 2: if they do, how do I activate the profiles in my maven config? I tried mvn -Pyarn
compile but it does not work (maven says “[WARNING] The requested profile "yarn" could not
be activated because it does not exist.”)
> essentially I would like to specify the spark dependencies as:
> <dependencies>
>                 <dependency>
>                         <groupId>org.scala-lang</groupId>
>                         <artifactId>scala-library</artifactId>
>                         <version>${scala.version}</version>
>                 </dependency>
>                 <dependency>
>                         <groupId>org.apache.spark</groupId>
>                         <artifactId>spark-core_${}</artifactId>
>                         <version>0.9.0-incubating</version>
>                 </dependency>
> and tell maven to use the “yarn” profile for this dependency, but I do not seem to
be able to make it work.
> Anybody has any suggestion?
> Alex

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