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From Patrick Wendell <>
Subject [SUMMARY] Proposal for Spark Release Strategy
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2014 20:56:16 GMT
Hey All,

Thanks for everyone who participated in this thread. I've distilled
feedback based on the discussion and wanted to summarize the

- People seem universally +1 on semantic versioning in general.

- People seem universally +1 on having a public merge windows for releases.

- People seem universally +1 on a policy of having associated JIRA's
with features.

- Everyone believes link-level compatiblity should be the goal. Some
people think we should outright promise it now. Others thing we should
either not promise it or promise it later.
--> Compromise: let's do one minor release 1.0->1.1 to convince
ourselves this is possible (some issues with Scala traits will make
this tricky). Then we can codify it in writing. I've created
SPARK-1069 [1] to clearly establish that this is the goal for 1.X
family of releases.

- Some people think we should add particular features before having 1.0.
--> Version 1.X indicates API stability rather than a feature set;
this was clarified.
--> That said, people still have several months to work on features if
they really want to get them in for this release.

I'm going to integrate this feedback and post a tentative version of
the release guidelines to the wiki.

With all this said, I would like to move the master version to
1.0.0-SNAPSHOT as the main concerns with this have been addressed and
clarified. This merely represents a tentative consensus and the
release is still subject to a formal vote amongst PMC members.


- Patrick

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