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From Matei Zaharia <>
Subject Re: Mailing list
Date Sun, 04 May 2014 04:30:31 GMT
Hi Nicolas,

Good catches on these things.

> Your website seems a little bit incomplete. I have found this page [1] with list the
two main mailing lists, users and dev. But I see a reference to a mailing list about "issues"
which tracks the sparks issues when it was hosted at Atlassian. I guess it has moved ? where
> And is there any mailing about the commits ?

Good catch, this was an old link and I’ve fixed it now. I also added the one for commits.

> Also, I found it weird that there is no page that is referencing the true code source,
the git at the ASF, I only found references to the git at github.

The GitHub repo is actually a mirror managed by the ASF, but the “git tag” link at
also points to the source repo. The problem is that our contribution process is through GitHub
so it’s easier to point people to something that they can use to contribute.

> I am also interested in your workflow, because Ant is moving from svn to git and we're
still a little bit in the grey about the workflow. I am thus intrigued how do you work with
github pull requests.

Take a look at and to see our
contribution process. In a nutshell, it works as follows:

- Anyone can make a patch by forking the GitHub repo and sending a pull request (GitHub’s
internal patch mechanism)
- Committers review the patch and ask for changes; contributors can push additional changes
into their pull request to respond
- When the patch looks good, we use a script to merge it into the source Apache repo; this
also squashes the changes into one commit, making the Git history sane and facilitating reverts,
cherry-picks into other branches, etc.

Note by the way that using GitHub is not at all necessary for using Git. We happened to do
our development on GitHub before moving to the ASF, and all our developers were used to its
interface, so we stuck with it. It definitely beats attaching patches on JIRA but it may not
be the first step you want to take in moving to Git.


> Nicolas
> [1]

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