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From Jeremy Freeman <>
Subject Re: Contributing to MLlib: Proposal for Clustering Algorithms
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2014 00:31:04 GMT
Hi all, 

Cool discussion! I agree that a more standardized API for clustering, and
easy access to underlying routines, would be useful (we've also been
discussing this when trying to develop streaming clustering algorithms,
similar to 

For divisive, hierarchical clustering I implemented something awhile back,
here's a gist.

It does bisecting k-means clustering (with k=2), with a recursive class for
keeping track of the tree. I also found this much better than agglomerative
methods (for the reasons Hector points out).

This needs to be cleaned up, and can surely be optimized (esp. by replacing
the core KMeans step with existing MLLib code), but I can say I was running
it successfully on quite large data sets. 

RJ, depending on where you are in your progress, I'd be happy to help work
on this piece and / or have you use this as a jumping off point, if useful. 

-- Jeremy 

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