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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Re: Improving metadata in Spark JIRA
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2015 14:41:47 GMT
Open pull request count is down to 254 right now from ~325 several weeks
Open JIRA count is down slightly to 1262 from a peak over ~1320.
Obviously, in the face of an ever faster and larger stream of contributions.

There's a real positive impact of JIRA being a little more meaningful, a
little less backlog to keep looking at, getting commits in slightly faster,
slightly happier contributors, etc.

The virtuous circle can keep going. It'd be great if every contributor
could take a moment to look at his or her open PRs and JIRAs. Example
searches (replace with your user name / name):

For PRs:

- if it appears to be waiting on your action or feedback,
  - push more changes and/or reply to comments, or
  - if it isn't work you can pursue in the immediate future, close the PR

- if it appears to be waiting on others,
  - if it's had feedback and it's unclear whether there's support to commit
    - break down or reduce the change to something less controversial
    - close the PR as softly rejected
  - if there's no feedback or plainly waiting for action, ping @them

For JIRAs:

- If it's fixed along the way, or obsolete, resolve as Fixed or NotAProblem

- Do a quick search to see if a similar issue has been filed and is
resolved or has more activity; resolve as Duplicate if so

- Check that fields are assigned reasonably:
  - Meaningful title and description
  - Reasonable type and priority. Not everything is a major bug, and few
are blockers
  - 1+ Component
  - 1+ Affects version
  - Avoid setting target version until it looks like there's momentum to
merge a resolution

- If the JIRA has had no activity in a long time (6+ months), but does not
feel obsolete, try to move it to some resolution:
  - Request feedback, from specific people if desired, to feel out if there
is any other support for the change
  - Add more info, like a specific reproduction for bugs
  - Narrow scope of feature requests to something that contains a few
actionable steps, instead of broad open-ended wishes
  - Work on a fix. In an ideal world people are willing to work to resolve
JIRAs they open, and don't fire-and-forget

If everyone did this, not only would it advance the house-cleaning a bit
more, but I'm sure we'd rediscover some important work and issues that need

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 7:54 AM, Nicholas Chammas <> wrote:

> As of right now, there are no more open JIRA issues without an assigned
> component
> <>!
> Hurray!
> [image: yay]
> Thanks to Sean and others for the cleanup!
> Nick
> ‚Äč

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