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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Unit test logs in Jenkins?
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 10:01:18 GMT

> On 2 Apr 2015, at 06:31, Patrick Wendell <> wrote:
> Hey Marcelo,
> Great question. Right now, some of the more active developers have an
> account that allows them to log into this cluster to inspect logs (we
> copy the logs from each run to a node on that cluster). The
> infrastructure is maintained by the AMPLab.
> I will put you in touch the someone there who can get you an account.
> This is a short term solution. The longer term solution is to have
> these scp'd regularly to an S3 bucket or somewhere people can get
> access to them, but that's not ready yet.
> - Patrick

ASF Jenkins is always there to play with; committers/PMC members should just need to file
a BUILD JIRA to get access.

Its main limitation is more cultural than technical: you need to get people to care about
intermittent test runs, otherwise you can end up with failures that nobody keeps on top of

Someone really needs to own the "keep the builds working" problem -and have the ability to
somehow kick others into fixing things. The latter is pretty hard cross-organisation

>> That would be really helpful to debug build failures. The scalatest
>> output isn't all that helpful.

Potentially an issue with the test runner, rather than the tests themselves.

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