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From Deepak Gopalakrishnan <>
Subject Re: Spark timeout issue
Date Sun, 26 Apr 2015 19:42:04 GMT
Hello All,

I'm trying to process a 3.5GB file on standalone mode using spark. I could
run my spark job succesfully on a 100MB file and it works as expected. But,
when I try to run it on the 3.5GB file, I run into the below error :

15/04/26 12:45:50 INFO BlockManagerMaster: Updated info of block taskresult_83
15/04/26 12:46:46 WARN AkkaUtils: Error sending message [message =
Heartbeat(2,[Lscala.Tuple2;@790223d3,BlockManagerId(2,, 39143))] in 1 attempts
java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Futures timed out after [30 seconds]
	at scala.concurrent.impl.Promise$DefaultPromise.ready(Promise.scala:219)
	at scala.concurrent.impl.Promise$DefaultPromise.result(Promise.scala:223)
	at scala.concurrent.Await$$anonfun$result$1.apply(package.scala:107)
	at scala.concurrent.BlockContext$DefaultBlockContext$.blockOn(BlockContext.scala:53)
	at scala.concurrent.Await$.result(package.scala:107)
	at org.apache.spark.util.AkkaUtils$.askWithReply(AkkaUtils.scala:195)
	at org.apache.spark.executor.Executor$$anon$
15/04/26 12:47:15 INFO MemoryStore: ensureFreeSpace(26227673) called
with curMem=265897, maxMem=5556991426
15/04/26 12:47:15 INFO MemoryStore: Block taskresult_92 stored as
bytes in memory (estimated size 25.0 MB, free 5.2 GB)
15/04/26 12:47:16 INFO MemoryStore: ensureFreeSpace(26272879) called
with curMem=26493570, maxMem=5556991426
15/04/26 12:47:16 INFO MemoryStore: Block taskresult_94 stored as
bytes in memory (estimated size 25.1 MB, free 5.1 GB)
15/04/26 12:47:18 INFO MemoryStore: ensureFreeSpace(26285327) called
with curMem=52766449, maxMem=5556991426

and the job fails.

I'm on AWS and have opened all ports. Also, since the 100MB file works, it
should not be a connection issue.  I've a r3 xlarge and 2 m3 large.

Can anyone suggest a way to fix this?

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